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Collectively, we are a company built with the philosophy of using highly qualified professional talent to manage our portfolio companies. We believe in continuous learning and improvement, as such continually invest in capability building of our people in readiness for tomorrow's world. Our people are our biggest assets!


AMENTI is the food processing wing for ABIG, specializing in manufacturing, packaging and marketing standardized food and culinary ingredients for the domestic as well as export markets. Established in 2009, AMENTI is constituted to serve the newly evolving local society, with its modern living and experimental taste profiles. AMENTI provides "convenience" and will be a household name in a short time. From a diverse portfolio to combining the best organic ingredients, traceable sourcing, convenient packaging, cooking tips and recipe, Amenti will soon become an indispensible kitchen companion for the modern urban Ethiopian consumer.


Berbero Petrochemical Industry PLC is an Ethiopian plastic chemical producing company established in 2014. It is located south of the capital, Addis Ababa, in Akaki Kality sub city. The company specializes in manufacturing preform, caps, shrink film in different sizes and weight. BERBERO PETROCHEMICALS INDUSTRY produces food grade PET preforms as packaging for beverages, edible oils and other food grade liquid products. All our machines and equipment used are manufactured to tight tolerances, high specifications and technical accuracy.


Established in 2016, Berossa Agro Processing Industry is set-up as the central dairy processing site for all company owned dairy farms around the capital. Once again, our primary focus lies in providing quality dairy products at scale to serve the Ethiopian and the East African Regional markets. This requires meticulous preparation and a lot of hard work in ensuring we have the right foundations. From investing well ahead of the curve, to gradually building scale, we have our work cut-out in making our strategic objectives a reality. However, our highly qualified team manages the day-to-day running of the company in such a way that we hit our milestones as planned, while using proven scientific methods to level out the learning curve.


ASKU PLC belongs to the set of companies being managed through ABIG Management Services PLC. ASKU's leadership made the strategic choice to continually invest in ensuring the company's long term future and market dominance, most notably evident in its vertical integration to its sister companies providing its main production inputs. This has propagated the company to become the market leader in its bottled water segment with a dominant share in a highly competitive market and challenging market conditioins. ASKU produces aquaddis, the most popular bottled water for its quality and purity, that is loved by many and available nationwide. ASKU is also the exclusive franchise bottler for all RC brands of RC Cola International, a division of Cott Beverage USA; within the east African region. It also bottles and manufactures the famous Ethiopicana Juice, in different flavors.


ASTU is another subsidiary company under ABIG. ASTU PLC is one of the largest Injera producing companies at an industrial scale. ASTU boasts on its ability to produce high quality 100% Teff Injera in large quantities. The company is dedicated to quality, service and safety. Founded in 2001, the company has grown up steadily.


YID edible oil extraction factory is the second of such factories in the sector for Abig. We are committed to providing the best variety of organic edible oils to both Ethiopian and regional consumers.


Head quartered in Addis Ababa, the distribution wing under ABIG, Yehule Gebeya operates with the philosophy of reducing distribution and logistics costs for better availability throughout the country.


The company is primarily engaged in export of agricultural products including coffee, oilseeds, pulses and spices. We care about our customers and everyday, strive to provide even better customer service. We believe, TRUST, CREDIBILITY & EXCELLENCE in customer service are the three basic foundations of our reputation.


Bees General Trading is established to provide quality edible oil to the local market that balances traditional Ethiopian cuisine tastes and health benefits with value. It does this by manufacturing DUKEM PURE NIGER SEED OIL, made from the highest quality NIGER SEEDS sourced locally.


Strategically located in one of the country's most suitable areas for dairy farming in the town of SULULTA, SA'AA dairy farm is one of 4 selected dairy farms for the investment group supplying milk for further processing at our central processing site. Located some 40kms north west of Addis Ababa, the farm area is "temperate" with an annual mean temperature between 80C-220C, and annual rainfall of between 1300-1800 mm. This makes SA'AA farm ideal for breeding and supporting our own herd, that are selectively bred through our resident veterinarians and animal science experts. Our staff are highly qualified in their individual areas of expertise. We have a multicultural team with both local and international experience, continuously learning from one another. Our operational focus remains true to our objective of growing our herd size to an optimum level per farm, while striking a balance between productivity and disease resistance. The farm has consistently registered increasing milk yields per cow approaching global standards, and constantly keeps focused on replicating this success at scale. A comprehensive register indicating the history, lineage, feeding, treatment and productivity of each cow is methodically kept to ensure the health of the herd as well as quality of milk output. This has critical significance for the company, as it ensures we maintain the highest quality of milk when we eventually achieve our goal of becoming the largest independent dairy products supplier in the region

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